About Noxious

Filmed in the quiet little beach town of Redington Shores on the pristine Gulf coast of Florida, Noxious, strikes a hard contrast between the soft, sandy beaches and crystal blue waters of the Gulf with this story of the unconscionable acts of man.

A gigantic off shore Oil Company, Deeptide Petroleum’s negligence results in catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Followed by an explosion, on one of the Deeptide rigs, oil rigger, Joe Patterson, (Lance “Monster” Washburn, Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling), is lost to the tainted waters.

An equally perilous event takes place when the soulless CEO of Caufman Chemical, Gaylord Johnson (Michael Milhoan, Crimson Tide, Field of Dreams, Phenomenon, Pearl Harbor) gives orders to an unscrupulous boat captain, Jack Raper (Charles H. Reed, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Amy Winehouse, Tears Dry on Their Own, Pirates of the Caribbean, World’s End) to get rid of toxic chemical waste from the company’s latest GMO experiment. Raper and his crew secretly troll the Gulf late at night and dump the noxious contents into the precious waters.

The oil spill, compounded with the toxic liquid, create a fusion that soon surfaces and terrorizes the residents of the small beach community of Redington Shores, Florida.

As residents come up missing, a no-nonsense Sergeant, Ben Robertson, (Devon Hughes, (World Wrestling Entertainment WWE, D-Von Dudley, The Mullets) joins forces with a quirky, New York detective, Brian Calloway, (Brian Edward Kahrs , Guinness World of Records Gone Wild, American Ninja Warrior) to investigate.

Alex and Beth Carter, (Billy McKnight, Soul Circus Cowboys) and Holly Hans (Random Tropical Paradise, The Infiltrator) with their two daughters Ally (Lily Cardone, Turtle Tales, Bloodline) and Lizzy (Paige Crawford) are vacationing at Serendipity on the Shore beach house when youngest daughter Lizzy, discovers an unusual substance on the beach. As the detective routinely questions the residents, Lizzy leads him to the strange substance. The Carter family is clueless to the horrific occurrences, but their odd, and intuitive, daughter, Lizzy is not.