Diana Riggs

Message from Diana Riggs

I cannot begin to express how grateful and humbled I feel that all of you are here to support me as a first-time film maker and share this experience with me.

Additionally, I am so thankful for the remarkable and talented people who worked right alongside of me to make Noxious. Some were strangers at first, who became friends, as well as my old friends and family, who loyally followed me into this project with enthusiasm and through the learning process with an energy, dedication and a positive, cheerful attitude that still leaves me stunned in amazement and full of heartfelt emotion.

This premier is a tribute to all of you out there, cast, crew and participants and yes, you all sitting there now who took a chance and bought a ticket.  When I say I love the friends I have made doing this movie, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Many who heartedly jumped into this adventure with me, served many different roles, gave valuable input, lost endless amounts of sleep, did many odd jobs and kept me focused on the goal.

I had no experience to make a movie. The fun of being involved in the industry doing props, set design, special effects makeup and meeting Brian Kahrs were the reason for making a movie. He convinced me how easy and cheap it was to do it. LOLOLOL.

What could I have been thinking? That thought has passed through my mind many times throughout this process. All alone in the middle of writing the script, shooting eight hours on a boat dock and not having any footage afterwards and sitting in front of three huge hard drives scratching my head wondering what to do next, were just a few thoughts that come to mind. But the one most eye opening “what could I have been thinking” thoughts was being here with all of you tonight and putting my movie out there for everyone to see.

So, with that said, I will fearlessly and bravely leave you all to experience my “art”. My hope is that you will be entertained, find parts that engage you, move you, scare you, make you laugh and allow you to appreciate and enjoy the hard work done by many wonderful people.