CH St petersburg, FL
A pleasure  

it was a pleasure to be there to watch the movie which was phenomenal. The public has spoken. Noxious is a success. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

TW Redington Shores, FL
I enjoyed it so much  

and I know that the people sitting around us did to because we were all talking back to the screen! Lol! It was so much fun and the jump scares were awesome! I was already a bit jumpy going out at night to get laundry, now your movie added an extra creep factor to it.

AK Boca Raton, FL
The movie was brilliant  

Diana, the movie was brilliant, suspenseful and creative!! Scary but not too scary. I look forward to seeing it again as well as hoping for a sequel in several years.

JL Largo, FL
People cheered, laughed, screamed  

...and had a ball. Isn’t that what it’s all about? The movie was very entertaining. We have never seen a horror movie, but Noxious wasn’t too scary or offensive, the campy nature took the fear away. We think you brilliantly addressed a ton of social issues, corporate greed, environmental abuse, loneliness, scamming others, substance abuse, how time with family is more precious than money, innocence, being in love, too many to name, but all noted. Every character was special, believable, and very natural at the parts they played. It was also a beautiful setting. No negatives, all positive, we really enjoyed it and would see it again!

MB St Petersburg, FL
Very well written and produced  

We laughed out loud a number of times. It was very well written and produced. Some of those over-the-top horror effects we're just great.

WC Atlanta, GA
Has the nostalgia of a 1950s sci-fi classic  

This movie has the nostalgia of a 1950s sci-fi classic and the charm of a boy meets girl at the beach afternoon matinee. This movie has an ending that I will remember!! Great little Indy movie. I would watch it again and again to see if I missed anything.

JW St Petersburg, FL

Stay tuned to blitz the Pittsburgh, PA (my home town) next month!!! Awesome and I pray it's shown again in Tampa Bay!

DL St Petersburg, FL
We loved it.  

We loved it. It was so much more than I expected. Great storyline and special effects.

JJ Tampa, FL
We loved every minute  

We loved every minute of the movie!!!! Not a dull moment!!! Can't wait for the next one. When can we get a copy of the movie?